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Dress for success! Contact Us at +91 9591568800

Product Related Questions

  1. What is Gubbacci uniform's product guarantee?
Gubbacci proudly stands behind all our products. Our uniforms  are warranted against manufacturing defects. For support or questions, please contact the Gubbacci Customer Care Center.

  2. What items are required by my school for my child's standard/class?
All the Uniform products and accessories approved by your school will be curated for you once you correctly enter your  school code, gender of the child and the class/standard the child is being promoted to.

  3. Can I get items that are not in my school's uniform program?
Your school uniform program catalog includes all of your school-approved items, but if you're looking for a great product that isn't in your school's program, shop online from Gubbacci Essentials(add Hyperlink). Please note that these items may not be approved by the school.

  4. Why doesn't my garment look exactly like the website version?
Gubbacci Uniform’s product development team continuously works towards better designs of new garments and hence there may be slight style changes and slight variations. All these changes are approved by your school. Please be assured that value and quality remain constant.

  5. I ordered two of the same items, but I see differences between them. Why?
You may notice slight variations between two similar items in your order. This is because our Product Development team continuously designs new garments, the styles may shift slightly, resulting in a few variations. Occasionally the color may be slightly different based on the color of the fabric received by the mills.

6. I still have questions that are not answered in the above FAQs Live chat  with us on our website

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