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Dress for success! Contact Us at +91 9591568800

Shipping & Tracking Related Questions

1. Where is my tracking information?
    If your item is marked as shipped in your Gubbacci Uniform account, but you have not yet received tracking or shipping information, don't worry. Your order is now being packed for shipping! You will be notified via shipping confirmation email as soon as the tracking number is available.

2. How soon will I receive my uniforms?
    Our goal is for all the children to receive their school uniforms 4-5 days before the first day of school so that there is enough time to try them on at home. For orders placed after the start of the school, items if available in our warehouse will be shipped the next business day.

3. How long does shipping take?
    Most of our shipping partners assure that delivery happens within 2-3 business days during normal circumstances. Please call the Gubbacci Customer Care Center if there has been a delay of more than 4 days from the time you received the shipping confirmation email.

4. How much does shipping cost?
    It depends on the number of products shipped and weight of the product. We have a base rate and an additional shipping cost for each additional product added. You will be able to view the exact shipping cost during the checkout process.

5. Does Gubbacci offer expedited shipping?
    Yes. Gubbacci does provide expedited shipping options. More information and actual cost will be provided during the checkout process.

6. Do you offer store pickup?
    No.Most of our uniform products ship from our warehouse and we do not offer store pick up at this time. There may be exceptions depending on our contract with your school. Consider calling our Gubbacci Customer Center if you have any questions.

7. What if I am not at home when my order arrives?
    Once our delivery partner receives your order, they will dispatch directly to your address. If you are unavailable they will contact you once again. If you are still unavailable it will be back in our store/warehouse and you must contact our office.

8. I still have questions that are not answered in the above FAQs?

  • Live Chat with us on our website
  • Email us at (We respond within 24 hours during weekdays, it may take longer during weekends and holidays)
  • WhatsApp us at +91 9591568800
  • Call us at +91 9591568800






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